New Playlist Manager

The most versatile playlist manager on the android market

Coming Up

With the release of Poweramp beta 795, it is now possible to create playlists in Poweramp itself. Development is taking place to make full use of this functionality so if you have the latest version of Poweramp, the app will no  longer look at the android media database or create android playlists. It will al be driven by Poweramp.

Latest Release V2.11

After feedback from users:
* tapping notifications (pamp to mp3 tags ,mp3 tags to pamp, import foreign playlist) now loads log files.
* it is now possible to select more than one foreign m3u playlist to import which should make it easier to migrate from Apple to android.
* improved drop down operators when creating Custom Playlists
* added Albums to Criteria to select from.

Version 2.8

As developers, we receive information from Google as and when the app crashes for some reason. Most of the time, I have enough information to locate the problem and fix it. However, sometimes the reasons for a crash are obscure and difficult to identify.

This latest release has a number of fixes so I hope it is now more stable. However, should you encounter a crash and you are able to repeat it, I would appreciate it if you got in touch and describe what you were doing at the time. This way I will be better able to identify issues and fix them