New Playlist Manager

The most versatile playlist manager on the android market

Latest Release V2.11

After feedback from users:
* tapping notifications (pamp to mp3 tags ,mp3 tags to pamp, import foreign playlist) now loads log files.
* it is now possible to select more than one foreign m3u playlist to import which should make it easier to migrate from Apple to android.
* improved drop down operators when creating Custom Playlists
* added Albums to Criteria to select from.


Version 2.8

As developers, we receive information from Google as and when the app crashes for some reason. Most of the time, I have enough information to locate the problem and fix it. However, sometimes the reasons for a crash are obscure and difficult to identify.

This latest release has a number of fixes so I hope it is now more stable. However, should you encounter a crash and you are able to repeat it, I would appreciate it if you got in touch and describe what you were doing at the time. This way I will be better able to identify issues and fix them

New Playlist Manager V2

A major upgrade has been released. The playlists, tracks, albums and artist  screen all have grid or list views. Albumart is presented if available. The app has undergone a fundamental change in the way in which data is presented. In addition, a number of routines have been rewritten. On the whole, performance has improved significantly.

If you have any comments or feedback please get in touch